Troy David

A New Jersey vocalist with a vein of pure soul, David has built a 

following on his live performances in clubs, theaters and
outdoor arenas over the years.

"The following is a review by Larry Edwards of Electron Music"

One of the great joys for anyone who reviews music or writes on the subject, is the discovery of talent. When this talent shows some true originality and abilities which have definite room to grow, the joy is even greater. Such is indeed the case with 

the self-titled release from Troy David. With a voice that is somewhat reminiscent of George Michael, yet with some very strong touches of old Motown, Troy David may emerge as one of the finest ballad singers to pop on the scene in quite some time. Showing more natural vocal abilities than the usual studio enhancements, the young man knows the meaning of 

emotion and is not afraid to show it.

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