The Garden Weasels

The Garden Weasels from  Muscle  Shoals, Alabama has a rich musical history but has not been known for  alternative rock bands; at least not until now. The Garden Weasels,  founded by vocalist/writer Ben Jerkins and guitarist/writer Don Srygley combine various musical tastes from Alternative Rock to Steely Dan harmonies in creating 

their unique sound. 

Check out their self titled CD, "The Garden Weasels".

They're best described as being an old ass quasi southern alternative – rock – pop band from Alabama. Their self titled CD "The Garden Weasels" is available as you can see below on their iTunes widget. The tune your listening to is titled "The Garden" and it will be available on iTunes soon.

With  what can best be described as pop-alternative rock, this quartet knows  how to deliver their musical goods with just the right amount of verve.  Though this is their first major release, with both time and maturity, they may very well turn out to be a marquee attraction in what is rapidly becoming a fading light genre. 

Review by Larry Edwards of Electron Music.

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